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RCube Games is your one-stop-shop for all your smart home, Industrial, and your household IoT solutions. At RCube, you get innovative solutions in IoT development services for better and ease of living. With our IoT Application development, you would get all your home appliances connected to your smart devices and manage all at once with the on-touch intelligent applications. We design and develop innovative connected products to harness the machine learning capabilities and data analytics to help be more efficient and provide IoT integrated services.

Explore Next-Generation IoT Solutions With Us

With rich and collective experience in the IoT industry, we offer full-range IoT services for reliable and cost-effective business solutions while working with overall verticals. With this, the clients can capitalize on our IoT application development services to improve operational efficacies while enhancing user experiences at the same time. This also creates a digital platform for businesses to connect people, process, and information all at once.

RCube Games delivers industry, enterprise, and consumer-level IoT application development services and support innovative initiatives from varied avenues ranging from security to home automation and industrial IoT. Being considered amongst the leading IoT app development, we ensure transforming business operations and upgrading people’s lives to the next level.

RCube Games’ IoT services support your business while accelerating your IoT journey with our best-in-class and industry-level IoT solutions. This enables your devices and platforms to seamlessly interact to store and process data while providing granular insights. Being a leading adopter of cutting-edge technologies across the market, we offer expert technical suggestions and domain knowledge along with an extensive delivery mechanism to drive rapid implementation and integration of IoT Solutions.

RCube Games provides infrastructure automation solutions using IoT resolve infrastructure. This will solve related problems: street lighting, surveillance, traffic control, and road congestion. We offer a range of infrastructure automation services for delivering customer’s value.

Why RCube Games as Your Partner in IoT Development?

By initiating your project with RCube Games, you will get a dedicated and skilled team assisting your needs up round-the-clock. All our processes and techniques are customer-centric and aim at reducing cost for your business operations. We also ensure to address IT resourcing crunches and offer your business a competitive edge.

We built smart city IoT solutions to empower cities and citizens alike while delivering innovative digital services across the area. The expertise at RCube leverages IoT technology to monitor the increased usage of smart devices. With this, we gather accurate and near real-time information about people and their behaviour and process the same for analysis purposes.

We are proficient in developing and designing IoT-based home automation solutions to assist the clients’ control lights, air conditioners, and other appliances with just a click. Our IoT based smart home solutions enable clients to operate home-based systems through any smart devices like smartphone, tablet, touch panel, or keypad. With us, you get complete peace of mind while bringing comfort and security a click away.

With RCube Games, you enjoy intelligent energy monitoring IoT solutions to let the client monitor optimum resource utilization. We focus on offering solutions to provide companies with precise and accurate data, insights, and technologies to drive energy saving and sustainability.

At RCube Games, we offer a full suite of IoT integration services, including IoT application development, IoT cloud services, and IoT consulting solutions across verticals like finance, insurance, transportation and logistics, and manufacturing. Being a leading IoT app development company, we focus on all possible collaboration and solutions. This makes the clients look for an end-to-end strategy and deployment while improving ROI and business benefits.

What Are Our Offerings?

  • IoT Advisory and Consulting
  • Intelligent Light and Metering Solution
  • Smart Solar and Cold Storage Solution
  • Smart Grid and Water Solution
  • Device Integration & Management
  • M2M Platform Development & Maintenance

How Do We Approach?

  • Research and Discovery
  • Validating and Shaping Idea
  • Design and Prototyping
  • Development
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Maintenance and Support
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