Giant Flying Insect Smasher

Insect Smasher is a fun game and very easy to play casual game. All you do is tap the screen to smash those pesky flying insects. That is it, no hard rules or controls to remember just easy insect smashing fun.


1) Levels Mode: To keep the world safe from the Giant Flying insect infestation you need to clear 50 levels og Insect Smashing fun. Each level will get progressively more difficult with more insect, big bosses to kill and larger insect swarms to smash. It is all about your hand eye skills and your use of strategy.

2) Endless Mode: This is just as the name says it is endless and the goal is to smash as many insects as you can and get the highest score possible. How long you are able to survive and how high you score depends on your skills so start smashing those flying insects and help rid the earth from this infestation.

Our game is packed with some incredible graphics, sound and audio all for your insect smashing fun. We feature over 13 different flying insects including the following:

    1. Mosquito 
    2. Ladybug
    3. Small Dragon Fly
    4. Large Dragon Fly
    5. Small Butterfly
    6. Medium Butterfly
    7. Large Butterfly
    8. Bee
    9. Hornet
    10. Horned Bug
    11. Wasp
    12. Killer Hornet
    13. Black Bug

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RCube Games


Android: 3.9

iOS: 4.5

File Size

Android: 46MB

iOS: 183.7MB


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